The 2024 season will be here before you know it, with our December competition dates and venues to be announced very soon.

Nominations are now open for all age groups only if you haven’t played before.

If you did play last year – hold fire! Teams will be commencing the retention process in the coming months, and you’ll be notified if they wish to retain you for the upcoming season. Remember, not all players can be retained – only 7 per team. Don’t worry if you’re not retained though, that’s part of the process. All you need to do is jump on and nominate after you’ve been advised, and you can go back into the draft!

So stand by, and make sure you tell your mates if they haven’t played before to get involved!


Century Cricket Competitions Adelaide is a franchise-driven T20 club cricket tournament for junior & senior cricketers, where the best compete against the best in an event model based on the IPL.

Following the success of the BPL in 2021 and with investors such as Ian Healy, Stuart Giles and Mark Nicholas, the APL will provide an independent, privatised competition giving cricketers the opportunity to showcase their skills against quality opposition, franchise owners the opportunity to build a team their way and businesses the opportunity to align with a new & innovative entertainment product.

It will also provide legitimate resources to a traditional ‘volunteer organised’ sport and inject much-needed capital, infrastructure and support into the game at the levels below professional cricket. 8 franchises will make up the APL for the inaugural 2022 season.”


“Many cricketers of all ages want to play more each season! The Australian Premier League has created just that.”

– Ian Healy AO.
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