Will the Rockets lift off in BPL|02?

That is the key question, and by all reports at Rockets HQ, this campaign needs a change!

The Rockets tactic has seen them mix their youth and experience for their retained players. Two young guns promoted through the Rockets BPL|01 U19’s Squad sees Thomas Balkin and Aubery Stockdale joining Leigh Drennan, Matt Weaver, Connor McInerny and Sam Neale that provided them a great, well balanced platform to launch into trade period and auction night.

The Rockets chose to dip their toes into the trade period with the Coastal Marlins. Two trade deals were done for Qld Country Stalwart spinner Ben O’Connell and also young top order batter Liam Smith who missed most of BPL|01. O’Connell’s wisdom and spin option, provides some much needed support for Connor McInerny and Liam Smith will surely get an opportunity to help anchor the Rockets innings at some point.

Former South Australian Redback Jake Winter was added to their squad as the pre auction interstate selection, meaning all 3 interstate/international spots were taken before coming into the Auction night.

With Jake, McInerney, Weaver Drennan & Smith all providing some quality batting options in the top order and the Neale/Stockdale combination needing some additional support means the ingredients for a successful BPL|02 were starting to simmer away.

Add to this lineup, hard hitting Sunshine Coast Scorcher Brendan Schultz and also skillful fast bowling allrounder Chathura Kaluthanthri who has been turning heads over the past couple of QLD premier cricket campaigns, both going for $1million plus means this group definitely has the firepower to produce some good results, especially when being coached by highly rated Justin Sternes as well.

Rounding out the Rockets recruiting drive ensures some additional quality depth is provided with Qld Country batting maestro Sam Lowry who was purchased for $250,000, Jasper Sumner for $350,000 and Patrick Farrell for $50,000 respectively.

Has the Rockets management got it right this season? Will the Rockets make their mark in finals time in BPL|02?

Rockets Player of the tournament – Chathura Kaluthanthri

BPL Prediction – Matt Weaver most 6’s for the tournament

Under the radar – Aubrey Stockdale

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