Brisbane Premier League introduces leading amateur cricket integrity protocols

The Brisbane Premier League (BPL) is committed to protecting the integrity of the great game of cricket and the reputation of its competition. As such, the BPL has implemented a Code of Conduct including a range of controls and mandatory integrity education sessions to reduce risks to the forthcoming competition.

“The BPL is all about providing new and exciting opportunities in cricket for all involved, and in a ground breaking initiative for amateur cricket we’re delighted to be launching our Code of Conduct and its accompanying online integrity education module. Players, coaches, match officials, franchise owners and support staff will all complete this simple, interactive online education session designed to make sure everyone is aware of the role they play in keeping the integrity of the competition intact,” says BPL Shareholder and Southern Rockets Chair Cathie Reid AM.

BPL Integrity Services Manager Steve Crews was instrumental in bringing the BPL Code of Conduct to life and says some of the risks would be extreme for an amateur competition if not for the measures that have been implemented.

“By implementing these measures, the BPL is comfortable that the competition will operate at a risk level proportionate to the threats we know will, and in some respects, have already presented themselves,” said Crews.

Last week, franchise owners, coaches, support staff, match officials and players in the Seniors and U/19 male competitions began their online modules, and will be required to complete them prior to the first ball of their competitions being bowled. In coming weeks, the online modules will be rolled out to U/19 female and U/17 participants.

All participants will be bound by these measures including restrictions around communications devices on match days as well as covering both on and off field behaviours throughout the competition. There will be a dedicated BPL Integrity Officer deployed to each BPL venue and there have been a range of subject matter experts engaged in the fields of sports anti-corruption, illegal gambling, child protection and medical professionals for specific risks, including the continual threat of COVID-19.

“We want to make sure the BPL delivers a safe and respectful environment for everyone involved, and that the integrity and popularity of the game of cricket is protected at all times,” says Reid.

In the lead up to and during the competition, participants will have comfort knowing the environment they will be playing in will be as safe as reasonably practicable with clear avenues for them to report any concerns.

“I absolutely support and applaud the concept of the Brisbane Premier League. For the youngsters, they have the opportunity to be what they see. They will get to play in coloured clothing, watch their own highlights back online and even more importantly, make some new friends from other parts of the country they would not have made, if not for the BPL. I can’t wait for the first ball to be bowled on August 1,” said Crews.

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